Top 15 Newsletters for Product Managers
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For all you, product management enthusiasts — you want to learn more about Product Management, but don’t know where to start, or perhaps you’re a product manager looking to strengthen your skills and keep up with the newest industry trends, this list is for you.

On product management, there are hundreds of newsletters to choose from. The current problem for an aspiring Product Manager isn’t finding information; it’s finding information that’s relevant. We are sharing with you the most relevant newsletters for PMs to make it easier for you to find good content.

1. Lenny’s Newsletter

This weekly newsletter is about building product, driving growth, working with humans, and anything else that stresses you out at the office. Every week, Lenny answers questions ranging from product-market fit to how to strike a balance between autonomy and direction. He answers these queries from real-life readers in his email, providing you with useful insight and the advice good product that people truly need.

2. Oleg Yakubenkov’s Go Practice!

Oleg is a self-described “data person” with a track record of establishing and scaling large-scale products. His newsletter, which is a reprint of his blog’s in-depth essays, is a wonderful opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at how an excellent product manager tackles data and growth product management issues.

He also produced a fantastic course on how to start and grow products with data. It’s a hands-on product management simulator that includes imitation Amplitude dashboards, genuine data and numbers that students can use to perform computations, and scenarios based on real-world scenarios.

3. Reforge’s newsletter

With Patrick Campbell, CEO and co-founder of Profit well, Brian Balfour’s Reforge was one of the first organizations to respond swiftly to the demands of product leaders around COVID-19, producing a helpful multipart video and written series on Growth in Turbulent Times. You can sign up for their newsletter to be notified when a new piece is published. These essays, which contain contributions from product managers at startups like Drift, Slack, and Credit Karma, will be useful to you if you’re a product manager or someone heading a team at a product org.

4. Bringing the Donuts

Product managers who want to step up their game should read Bringing the Donuts. Norton’s writing style is approachable, and he frequently delivers the kind of professional growth advice that any aspiring product manager will appreciate.

On exciting themes like the possible impact of machine-learning technologies on product management workflows and how company culture affects team management, readers will find a wealth of information. Catching up on Bringing the Donuts’ extensive archive is also a great way to spend a slow Sunday afternoon for avid readers.

5. UserOnboard

User Onboarding is the process of radically increasing the likelihood that new users become successful when adopting your product.

UserOnboard and their snarky takedowns of large brand user onboarding experiences aren’t only for Product Managers! Tech enthusiasts of all stripes like seeing Google, Uber, Spotify, and a slew of other companies’ onboarding processes scrutinized. It’s not just a good dose of schadenfreude; it’s also lessons that will help you rethink your user onboarding process and see it from a different perspective.

6. The Product School Content Newsletter

Every Friday, product school shares a collection of the best product management resources to provide a weekly dose of the best product management insights, advice, events, and jobs. Subscribing is free, and to hear about the latest news from our community, as well as exclusive offers and free trials of the most cutting-edge tools.

7. The Other Valleys

Other Valleys provides an overview of the many tech hotspots throughout the world, as well as what’s going on in the industry outside of San Francisco.

Find out what’s going on in the Israeli biotech sector, or read the most recent think piece on how to launch in emerging markets.

8. Product Managers at Work by Alexis and Adrienne

Alexis and Adrienne have worked for Facebook, Tesla, and Google as Product Managers. They talk about their experiences working at these top Silicon Valley companies, as well as the best practices they’ve picked up throughout the years. The newsletter gives you a bird’s eye view of product management, with a wide range of topics to research and keep up to date on. It reveals Alexis and Adrienne’s mental processes. It describes how they introduced products in the midst of a crisis, grew their growing staff, ascended to the top of Google search results, and resurfaced.

9. The UX Collective

Everyone involved in the development of digital goods, especially Product Managers, has to understand UX design. No matter how experienced you are with UX concepts, UX Collective provides informative articles, motivation, and easy-to-digest material. This email has been carefully selected to help you become more comfortable with product design. Everyone involved in the creation of digital goods, especially Product Managers, has to know about UX Design. UX Collective gives inspiration and ideas in such a straightforward manner, it doesn’t matter whether you’re unfamiliar with the word “UX.” This newsletter will provide you with the information you need to create high-quality goods.

10. Elezea Newsletter

The newsletter from Van der Merwe is both personable and insightful, with concise article summaries. Product management or larger IT challenges are the subjects of several of the articles.

Van der Merwe occasionally drifts off the beaten path in the section “Final Opinions,” telling us about his thoughts on jazz and summer reading, which is pleasant and makes him feel like a buddy.

11. Product Manager HQ

The Product Manager HQ newsletter brings together articles on product management from five different authors. There are one or two articles each week on average, so they’re a solid bet for new product managers. Soft skills, UX, career progression, retention, product, and product management are among the topics covered. You may also get the Product Manager Template Kit and Product Manager Tool Guide from their website’s resource area.

12. Product Buff

Product Buff’s ability to cover every element of the product management process is what makes it so helpful to product managers. From establishing product-market fit to building social media strategies to assisting big product launches, there are plenty of subjects for readers to dig their teeth into.

Product Buff should certainly be in your email every week, featuring guest conversations with major product thought leaders and influencers.

13. Silicon Valley Product Group

The SVPG newsletter is recommended reading, not least because of the high level of product specialists who contribute to the newsletter and its blog regularly. Readers can expect to read intriguing pieces from SVPG’s other seasoned product experts and founding members. Such as Christopher Jones, Martina Lauchengco, and Lea Hickman, who all contribute years of hands-on product management expertise to the SVPG newsletter.

For techies on the go, there’s some good news in the form of bytes.

TLDR is a daily email that contains links to and TLDRs for the most noteworthy tech stories. The busy techie’s best buddy is TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read). You get an email with links to articles from around the web about the world’s top tech, science, and code news items. It saves you the bother of having to sift through many news sites to figure out what’s actually important.

14. Product Habits

Hiten Shah’s weekly newsletter “Product Habits” includes some insightful comments, as well as a “Hiten’s Pick” and classified link+summary pieces for SaaS enthusiasts.

15. The Download

This newsletter, from MIT’s excellent Technology Review blog, is another resource for seeing outside my product and design area. The Download is useful for understanding the business and philosophy behind the technology that makes the news. Each issue is taken down and contextualized, always concluding with “Why it Matters.”

Bonus: Product Cafe by

A weekly newsletter to help you get better with building Products. Every Saturday we send a collection of the best product management content on the internet curated by our team. With ProductCafe, get your hands on some fantastic updates on Product Management, Startups, upcoming product events, etc., freshly curated by us.


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