Product Leadership Census 2023
2 min readFeb 10


Product Management is an intense yet misunderstood field, with many
non-product folks still believing it doesn’t take much to become a Product
Manager. There is also a large chunk of folks who work in product that are
unsure if their career path is going in the right direction and always look-
ing for ways to upskill themselves. That’s when we realized that only prod-
uct managers can help product managers.

We collected data from different sources, spoke to PMs in person, and did
a lot of research to bring you first-hand info from Product Leaders around
the globe. This report covers the journey of the Product Leaders rang-
ing from, how they got into the field, their go-to resources and product
frameworks, challenges they faced along the way, and so on.

This report is split into 3 main parts:

The first part covers 5 main parameters of Product Managers across the globe namely: Education, Experience, Gender ratio, Industry and Organisation size. We have provided insights based on our findings after studying these parameters.

The second part covers findings on qualitative parameters like job
satisfaction, challenges, and so on among product leaders.

For the third part, we have included the Methodology on how we
collected these resources and from where. You will also find product
leaders from various companies like Twilio, Byjus, and Circle, sharing
insights on trends to expect in 2023 and key indicators to measure
product success

This report is both for the product management community and for those
who are thinking of breaking into product management. We hope this
report gives you clarity in your product career and answers some of the
questions you have in mind.


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