Introducing 2.0
2 min readMay 22

-- 2.0 is live

Buckle up, folks! After months packed with late nights, endless cups of coffee, countless brainstorming sessions, and drawing insights from over 200+ CPOs and VPs from top tech companies worldwide, we are beyond thrilled to announce that 2.0 is live on Product Hunt!

With 2.0, our core objective is to help product teams:

  • Identify problems that matter to customers and align with business objectives.
  • Prioritize and decide what to build next based on actionable product insights.
  • Plan roadmaps, align teams, and measure outcomes of every product shipped out.

Check us out on Product Hunt today: on Product Hunt 2.0 comes with exciting enhancements:

Gather Customer Insights

Capture and centralize customer and product feedback, uncover burning issues, and discover product opportunities. Link feedback with pre-defined customer cohorts to assess the revenue impact.

Build with Product Intelligence

Leverage AI to transform customer cues into actionable product insights. Understand customer sentiments and link insights to discover & prioritize product opportunities. Build what matters to your customers and align with your business goals.

Measure Strategy Impact

Create solid product strategies, link goals, and add initiatives. Visualize using strategy maps specifically designed to provide context faster and better. Connect OKRs to your product plan and measure the outcomes of every product you build. Assess delivery confidence in real-time with’s proprietary scoring system (ZCN).

Discovering the right products that resonate with your customers is no walk in the park. Therefore, investing in the right cycles and solving the right problems is crucial.

With 2.0, you can derive insights to build products that create customer and business value — continuously. 2.0 empowers product teams to propel product-led growth, develop cost-effective product strategies, and enable customer-led product innovation.

Get started for free and get on your way to intelligent product management.


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