It is debatable whether product teams should be co-located or if they can work from home, delivering the same level of productivity.

The truth is, due to the pandemic, many companies shifted for 100% remote work. But this was not something new in the product management world. There are many examples where product teams worked across different time zones successfully.

Moreover, we at strongly believe that product managers can successfully lead their product development team and manage their game-changing product — 100% virtually.

It’s not just that our upcoming web-based tool is perfect for collaborating with your product team…

Learn, Collaborate and Share

You’d like to attend a meetup but don’t know where to find one? Looking for a job but don’t know where to start looking? Want to learn more about product management but have no time or money to spare on courses or books? Then, you’ve come to the right place!

Here we are listing some of the largest and most active communities for Product Managers. These communities bring together PMs from all around the world with one goal in mind — helping each other become better PMs.

As a Product Manager, we are always busy and there are no breaks…

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Being a Product Manager is not easy, the path is completely restless. It seeks continuous addition in your knowledge, upgrading about technology getting used in the industry, continuous learning both kind of hard and soft skills and whatnot. Not just this, product managers are responsible for quite a long list of tasks. Starting from making an organization’s strategy into a successful product, handling their stakeholders, collaborating with various product teams, to prioritize and launch that product successfully. The role itself is demanding and that brings more struggle and complication to the tasks with it. …

Career path for Product Management
Career path for Product Management

Welcome you all to another guide about the Career path for Product Managers. In our last blog, we discussed Breaking into product management. We briefly talked about the tips which would help you to kick start your career in product management. We will suggest reading that blog before you start with this blog. Well moving forward in this blog we will talk more about the most common hierarchy found in companies for product management.

At most of the companies, Product managers are not necessarily meant for entry-level positions however in few companies they even did. Some companies have associate and…

Are you the one who is an aspiring product manager or considering a shift from your regular roles to product management? Well if yes, then you completely belong here. In this blog, we are going to discuss all how you can break into the Product Management role. Before starting with it, let’s quickly get a brief about this role.

A product manager is the most fascinating and engaging role in the present tech world scenario. Slowly and gradually companies are understanding the need for a Product Manager in their companies. The role seems to be fancy but it comes with…

Like Rome was not built in a day, the same way you can’t master your skills just like that. One needs to be consistent and dedicated to learning whatever new comes their way. Understanding the curiosity of aspiring Product Managers to learn all about Product Management. We here have tried to gather some relevant and best sources to refer to. We don’t claim this will give you 100% professional mastery but these sources will help you to build a good base about product management.

It’s important to keep yourself updated with good knowledge about new market trends and technology, no…

We need more people product managers.

In the past few years, there has been an increased call to restrain the enthusiasm around Product Management and what they bring to the tech industry, where some people claim that the role is over-hyped by the industry. It’s been observed that many people argue that the role should be undertaken by more specialized professionals.

As the organization adds more products to their list, the demands on product management and product manager roles change and shift. The need for the product manager role becomes more obvious as it becomes important to prioritize different product…

“A great product manager has the brain of an engineer, the heart of a designer, and the speech of a diplomat.”

– Deep Nishar, Vice President of Product at LinkedIn

The product manager role today is one of the most crucial roles in digital product companies. They have to be the jack of all trades from technical to non-technical. Where they are expected to be tech-savvy on contrary they are also expected to be a good marketer of their product. A product manager has to excel all from having good leadership, soft skills, and negotiation skills to having equally good… aims to make Product Management and Development Simpler & Smarter. We write about Product Management, Product Design, Product Development, and startups.

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